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Caboches (Cabbage cooked in stock)

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Illuminated C Smallaboches

1½ lb spring greens

1 pint beef stock

1 tsp salt

3oz breadcrumbs

Pinch of saffron

Take caboches, and waflie hom in clene water, and boyle hom wel, and at the feconde boyle, take hom doun oft the fyre, and preffe hom wel tyl the water be clene oute, and then cutte hom in grete peces, and cafte hom in the broth of beef, and feth hem up with maribones, and colour hom then with faffrone, and thikke hit with grated bred; but for a lorde hit fchal be thikked with yolkes of eyren beten, and thenne let hit ones boyle, and ferve hit forthe.

Remove the coarser outer leaves, enclose in a linen bag if possible, plunge into boiling water, and simmer for some 45 minutes, then drain, press dry, chop in pieces, and discard any tough stems.

Bring the beef stock, salt and saffron to the boil, add the spring greens and cook for a further 5-10 minutes until tender, then thicken with breadcrumbs before serving.

For a lord, replace the breadcrumbs with 4 beaten egg yolks scalded with some of the stock and returned to the pan.

Medieval cabbages appear to have had a much stronger flavour than those of today and lacked the large compact hearts of more recent varieties. Spring Greens is the nearest modern equivalent.

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