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Charlet Forced (Forcemeat Charlet)

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Illuminated C Smallharlet Forced

8oz cooked pork

5 tbsp. ground almonds

1 pint milk

1 tbsp. rice flour

4 eggs lightly beaten

1 tbsp. sugar

2 tbsp. parsley, finely chopped

Pinch of saffron

Take gode Mylke of Almaunde; take tender Porke, an hew it smal, an bray it on a morter ; take eyroun, an draw forw a clofe ; temper vppe fin flesshe fer-wz't, an caste on fe potte ; take fe mylke, an sette it ouer fe fyre ; sesyn it wyth Salt an Safroun caste fer-on ; boyle it, an when yt komyth on hy, a-lye it with wyne, an sette it a-doun ; take vppe an ley it on a clofe, an presse it a lytil ; ondo it a-ajen, & caste fer-on pouder Gyngere, Galyngale, Sugre y-now ; menge it to-gederys, presse it         a-ajen, sefe brofe wyl ; take styf Almaunde mylke y-temperyd with Freysshe brothe, & caste fer-on Saffroun an Sugre y-now, an a lytil Salt, & boyle it, fan take and set it owt ; leche now fin mete, & ley fer-of in a dysshe ; take fe sewe, & ley a-boue ; take Maces & Sugre, & caste f er-on, & serue forth.

Grind the almonds with ½ pint water, strain off the almond milk and mix a little of this with the pork, before grinding it to a smooth paste.

Thoroughly mix the pork, milk, eggs, saffron and parsley in a pan, bring to the boil while stirring continuously, simmer for 5 minutes, then leave to cool a little, before hanging up in a cloth until completely drained, cold and set firm.

Slice the charlet, arrange in a dish, and pour over it a sauce made by simmering the rest of the almond milk, rice flour, sugar and saffron together for a few minutes.

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