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Pygges in Sawse Sawge (Pork in Sage Sauce)

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Illuminated P Smallygges in Sawse Sawge

2 lbs Cold boiled (or roast) pork (or chicken)

2 tbsp. dried sage

1-2 tsp chopped parsley

4 hard-boiled eggs

¼ cup vinegar (white wine, cider or malt)

½ tsp salt

⅛ - ¼ tsp ground ginger

Pepper, galigale, cloves and / or cinnamon as required

Take pigs yskaldid and quarter hem and seep hem in water and salt, taken hem and lat hem kele. Take good spices, that is, gyinger, cloves, cinnamon, and galingale, and grind well in the same mortar with the spices; then take eggs and hardboil them; remove the yolk and grind with the sage; blend with wyne vinegar; take the egg white and chop finely and add to the mixture. Lay the pyggees in a vessell, and the sewe onoward and serve it forth

Separate yolks and whites of boiled eggs. Blend the yolks, sage, parsley, vinegar and seasonings. Separately chop the white as finely as possible; stir into the yolk mixture, and if it seems too thick, and a little more vinegar. Arrange the meat on a suitable serving dish and pour the sauce around it.

The French versions of this cold dish usually specify chicken rather than the English pork. Most such recipes do not call for as many spices; all but the ginger can be safely omitted.

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