Medieval Combat Society

Lady Stafford's Cookbook

Lady Stafford's Cookbook

Lady Margaret Stafford (aka Mandy Newman) is the Medieval Combat Societies go to cook and mistress of the kitchen. At each show she provides the group with an authentic meal both to keep the group fed and moral high and also to provide a demonstration of medieval cookery for the viewing public.

The articles in Lady Stafford's cook book are a selection of adapted medieval recipies and thoughts on the medieval kitchen, the banquet and the art of open fire cookery drawn from Mandy's personal research and experiments in medieval cookery. 

The receipes that follow have been adapted from a variety of both historic and contempary sources, and have all been test cooked both in the modern kitchen and with authentic equipment over an open fire. The receipes as presented are a sufficient quantity to serve 4 but are usually scaled up to provide for the groups needs.