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Amanda Newman

Amanda Newman

Margaret de Audley, Countess Stafford and Baroness Audley (c. 1318 – 7 September 1349) was an English noblewoman. She was the only daughter of Hugh de Audley, Earl of Gloucester, by his wife Lady Margaret de Clare. Her mother was the daughter of Joan of Acre, Princess of England; thus making Margaret a great-granddaughter of King Edward I by his first consort, Eleanor of Castile. As the only daughter and heiress of her father, she succeeded to the title of Baroness Audley on 10 November 1347.

Illuminated B Smalloor in Brasey

1lb good pork

1lb ground pork

3 cups beef stock

1 cup dry red wine

½ cup wine vinegar

1 cup breadcrumbs 

½ cup pine nuts

½ cup currants

⅛ tsp cloves

⅛ tsp mace

⅛ tsp saffron

½ tsp cinnamon

Butter for sautéing


Take the ribbes of a boor while thai byn fresh, and parboyl hem tyl thai byn half sothen; then take and roste hom, and when thai byn rosted, take and chop hom, and do hom in a pot, and do therto gode fresshe brothe of beef and wyn, and put therto clowes, maces and pynes, and raisynges of corance, and pouder of pepur; and take onyons and mynce hom grete, do hom in a panne with fresh grees, and fry hom, and do hom in the potte, and let hit wel sethe al togedur; and take brede stepet in brothe, and drawe hit up and do therto, and colour hit with saunders and saffron; and in the settynge doun put therto a lytel vynegur, medelet with pouder of canell; and than take other braune, and cut smal leches of two ynches of length, and cast into the pot, and dresse up the tone with the tother, and serve hit forthe.

Trim the good pork and dice to a one-inch cut. In a large pot cook through the minced pork then combine with beef stock, wine, pine nuts, currants, and all spices except cinnamon. Bring to a boil, lift pot to reduce heat, and simmer, covered, for fifteen minutes. While simmering, brown the pieces of good pork well in a frying pan. Set aside but keep warm. Melt butter in the frying pan and sauté the onions until they are translucent. Stir the onions and the bread crumbs into the pot, and simmer, stirring occasionally, for another ten minutes. Remove from heat, stir in vinegar, cinnamon, and the browned good pork. Serve.

Pour into a dish, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon and serve.

A dish of ‘whatever’ in brewes or in bruette was boiled in a broth or sauce. I use good pork in place of ribs and don’t use sandalwood. This dish works well with 8oz mushrooms added to the brew.

Illuminated B Smalllanch Porre

1lb of the white part of leeks, finely chopped

1 large onion, finely chopped

1 pint vegetable stock

Pinch of saffron

½ tsp sugar and cinnamon mixed

Take the qwyte of lekes and parboyle hom, and hew hom fmalll, and take onyons and mynfe gom therewith, and do hom in a pot, and put thereto gode broth, and let hit boyle, and do therto fmale briddes, and feth hom therewyth , and colour hit wyth faffron, and do therto pouder marchant, and ferve hit forthe.

Simmer the leaks and onions in the stock for some 15 minutes until tender; add the saffron, stirring for a few minutes to dissolve its colour.

Pour into a dish, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon and serve.

The original recipes all parboil the leeks before adding the onions but todays leeks do not require this preparation.

Illuminated B Smallouce Jane

2lb Roast Chicken

½ pint milk

1 tbsp. pine kernels

1 tbsp. currents

¼ tsp each finely chopped parsley, sage, hyssop and savoury or other fresh herbs as available.

Take gode cowe mylk, and put hit in a pot, and fethe hit, and take fage, parfel, yfope, and favory, and other gode herbes, and fethe hom, and hew hom fmalle, and do hom in the pot; then take hennes, or capons, or chekyns, when thai byn half rofted; take hom of the fpit, and fmyte hom on peces, and do therto, and put therto pynes and rayfynges of corance, and let hit boyle, and ferve hit forthe.

Remove the meat from the chicken, cut into cubes and simmer with the remaining ingredients for 5-10 minutes.

The disk is done when the milk has all but evaporated.

A simple and easy dish because of the use of pre-cooked chicken.
Illuminated C Smallaboches

1½ lb spring greens

1 pint beef stock

1 tsp salt

3oz breadcrumbs

Pinch of saffron

Take caboches, and waflie hom in clene water, and boyle hom wel, and at the feconde boyle, take hom doun oft the fyre, and preffe hom wel tyl the water be clene oute, and then cutte hom in grete peces, and cafte hom in the broth of beef, and feth hem up with maribones, and colour hom then with faffrone, and thikke hit with grated bred; but for a lorde hit fchal be thikked with yolkes of eyren beten, and thenne let hit ones boyle, and ferve hit forthe.

Remove the coarser outer leaves, enclose in a linen bag if possible, plunge into boiling water, and simmer for some 45 minutes, then drain, press dry, chop in pieces, and discard any tough stems.

Bring the beef stock, salt and saffron to the boil, add the spring greens and cook for a further 5-10 minutes until tender, then thicken with breadcrumbs before serving.

For a lord, replace the breadcrumbs with 4 beaten egg yolks scalded with some of the stock and returned to the pan.

Medieval cabbages appear to have had a much stronger flavour than those of today and lacked the large compact hearts of more recent varieties. Spring Greens is the nearest modern equivalent.

Illuminated C Smallharlet Counterfieted of Fish

8oz cooked haddock or cod

8oz ground almonds

2 tbsp. sugar

2 tbsp. white wine vinegar

2 tbsp. sweet white wine

¼ tsp. mixed ground ginger, mace and cinnamon

Pinch of saffron

Take almondes, & drawe up a gode thik mylk with faire water, or with eongur broth; then take codlynge, or haddok, or thornbag fothen, & do away the fkyn, & the bones, & then breke the fysfhe in a ftreynour, with thyne honde; then take one pynt of the fame mylk, & put hit in a poftenet, & do the fame fysfhe therto, & boyle hit that hit be thik, & ftere hit with a pot-ftik; & put therto fugre, & faffron; & in the fettynge doune, put therto a lytel vynegur that hit crudde, & then fhete hit into a faire clothe, & let the qway renne away; & then lay hit in a chargeoure, & preffe hit, & then cut hit on leches, & lay hit in disfhes, & take the remnant of the mylk, & fet hit over the fire, & put therto fugre, arid colour hit depe with faffron, & let hit boyle; & in the fettynge doune put therto a lytel wyne, & poure the fyrip above the leches; & then take pouder of ginger, fugre, launders, & maces, & drawe thereon; & canei medeled altogeder, & ferve hit forthe.

Grind the almonds with 1 pint water, and strain off the almond milk through a cloth.

Beat the fish to a smooth paste, having removed all bones, stir in ½ pint pf the almond milk, 1 tbs. sugar and the saffron, and heat to boiling, stirring continuously.

Remove from the heat, stir in the vinegar, leave to stand for 10 minutes, then pour into a piece of muslin, and hang up in a cool place to drain for an hour or two, then press it into a deep dish, and leave for a further hour.

Turn the charlet out of its muslin onto a clean board, cut across into slices and arrange in a dish. Heat the remaining almond milk and sugar with a little more saffron. Bring to the boil, remove from the heat, stir in the wine, and pour this sauce over the sliced charlet.

Mix the spices into a further 2 tsp. sugar, and sprinkle on top just before serving.

Illuminated M Smallange Moleynne

8oz raw chicken, finely chopped

2 tbsp. ground almonds

1 tbsp. lard

3 tbsp. rice flour

1 tbsp. sugar

9 blanched almonds

Take Almaundys, an blaunche hem, an draw forw a straynoure a ficke mylke in-to an potte ; fan take brawn of a Capoun, an hew it smalle, an do it in a potte, an lye it with Floure of Rys ; an do fer-to whyte grece, & sethe alle to-gederys ; an when it is y-sothe, take vppe of fe fyre, & do fer-in Sugre y-now ; fen take blaunchyd Almaundys, & frye hem, & ley lechys on a dysshe, & on euery leche prycke Almaundys; an fan serue it forth.

Grind the almonds with ¼ pint water, strain off the almond milk, mix with the chicken, the rice flour and lard, and simmer gently for 10 minutes, while stirring continuously.

Remove from the heat, stir in the sugar, pour into a rinsed dish, and leave to set.

Cut the pate into slices, and stud each with three blanched almonds.

This title probably comes from the French manger, ‘food’ and moleine, ‘soft’, which describes its consistency, when compared to that of cooked meats.

Illuminated F Smallunges

8oz mushrooms cleaned and chopped

4oz leeks, very finely chopped

½ pint vegetable stock

Pinch of ground pepper and clove

Pinch of saffron

Take Funges and pare hem clene and dyce hem.

Take leke and fhred hym small and do hy to seep in gode broth.

Colo it with fafron and do y inne powdo fort.

Stew all ingredients together low on the fire / over a high heat for 10 minutes Drain and serve.
Probably the simplest medieval recipe I’ve come across so far.

Illuminated R Smallaynecles

8oz plain flour

8oz lean pork

4 dates, chopped

2 dried figs, chopped

1 egg yolk

1½ pints chicken stock

Large pinch of saffron

⅛ tsp mixed ground clove & black pepper

1 tbsp. sugar, 1 tbsp. currants

2oz grated cheese, ⅛ tsp ground ginger

Take fwete porke, dates, figges, braied togeder, and put therto a fewe zolkes of eyren, and in the brayinge alay hit with a lytel brothe, and call therto pouder of clowes, pouder of pepur, fugre, raifynges of corance, and colour hit with faffron, and medel al togeder; and then hille the ftuffure in pafte as men maken rufehewes; and then take the brothe of capons fothen in herbes, and let hit boyle, and colour hit with faffron, and then put in therto the raynecles, and when thai byn boyled take hom up, and lay three of hom in a difsh, and poure brothe therto; and take grated chefe medelet with pouder of ginger, and ftrewe above theron, and ferve hit forth.

Put the flour into a bowl, make a well in the centre and work in just sufficient water (about ¼ pint) with a knife blade to make a thick dough. Turn onto a floured board and knead until smooth.

Chop and then grind the pork, dates, figs, yolks, saffron, cloves, black pepper and sugar to a smooth paste, moistening it with a little of the stock, then stir in the currants.

Roll dough out thin, and cut into eight 4” rounds. Spread the mixture on four of the rounds, leaving the edges clear. Dampen the edges, cover with the remaining rounds, and seal the edges, excluding all air.

Bring the remaining stock to the boil in a large pan, put in the ravioles, boil for 10 minutes, serve in a deep dish sprinkled with grated cheese and ginger.

Be sure to keep the dough very thin when rolling out otherwise this dish can get very heavy and stodgy.

Illuminated C Smallharlet Forced

8oz cooked pork

5 tbsp. ground almonds

1 pint milk

1 tbsp. rice flour

4 eggs lightly beaten

1 tbsp. sugar

2 tbsp. parsley, finely chopped

Pinch of saffron

Take gode Mylke of Almaunde; take tender Porke, an hew it smal, an bray it on a morter ; take eyroun, an draw forw a clofe ; temper vppe fin flesshe fer-wz't, an caste on fe potte ; take fe mylke, an sette it ouer fe fyre ; sesyn it wyth Salt an Safroun caste fer-on ; boyle it, an when yt komyth on hy, a-lye it with wyne, an sette it a-doun ; take vppe an ley it on a clofe, an presse it a lytil ; ondo it a-ajen, & caste fer-on pouder Gyngere, Galyngale, Sugre y-now ; menge it to-gederys, presse it         a-ajen, sefe brofe wyl ; take styf Almaunde mylke y-temperyd with Freysshe brothe, & caste fer-on Saffroun an Sugre y-now, an a lytil Salt, & boyle it, fan take and set it owt ; leche now fin mete, & ley fer-of in a dysshe ; take fe sewe, & ley a-boue ; take Maces & Sugre, & caste f er-on, & serue forth.

Grind the almonds with ½ pint water, strain off the almond milk and mix a little of this with the pork, before grinding it to a smooth paste.

Thoroughly mix the pork, milk, eggs, saffron and parsley in a pan, bring to the boil while stirring continuously, simmer for 5 minutes, then leave to cool a little, before hanging up in a cloth until completely drained, cold and set firm.

Slice the charlet, arrange in a dish, and pour over it a sauce made by simmering the rest of the almond milk, rice flour, sugar and saffron together for a few minutes.

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