Medieval Combat Society

Illuminated B Smallouce Jane

2lb Roast Chicken

½ pint milk

1 tbsp. pine kernels

1 tbsp. currents

¼ tsp each finely chopped parsley, sage, hyssop and savoury or other fresh herbs as available.

Take gode cowe mylk, and put hit in a pot, and fethe hit, and take fage, parfel, yfope, and favory, and other gode herbes, and fethe hom, and hew hom fmalle, and do hom in the pot; then take hennes, or capons, or chekyns, when thai byn half rofted; take hom of the fpit, and fmyte hom on peces, and do therto, and put therto pynes and rayfynges of corance, and let hit boyle, and ferve hit forthe.

Remove the meat from the chicken, cut into cubes and simmer with the remaining ingredients for 5-10 minutes.

The disk is done when the milk has all but evaporated.

A simple and easy dish because of the use of pre-cooked chicken.
Illuminated M Smallange Moleynne

8oz raw chicken, finely chopped

2 tbsp. ground almonds

1 tbsp. lard

3 tbsp. rice flour

1 tbsp. sugar

9 blanched almonds

Take Almaundys, an blaunche hem, an draw forw a straynoure a ficke mylke in-to an potte ; fan take brawn of a Capoun, an hew it smalle, an do it in a potte, an lye it with Floure of Rys ; an do fer-to whyte grece, & sethe alle to-gederys ; an when it is y-sothe, take vppe of fe fyre, & do fer-in Sugre y-now ; fen take blaunchyd Almaundys, & frye hem, & ley lechys on a dysshe, & on euery leche prycke Almaundys; an fan serue it forth.

Grind the almonds with ¼ pint water, strain off the almond milk, mix with the chicken, the rice flour and lard, and simmer gently for 10 minutes, while stirring continuously.

Remove from the heat, stir in the sugar, pour into a rinsed dish, and leave to set.

Cut the pate into slices, and stud each with three blanched almonds.

This title probably comes from the French manger, ‘food’ and moleine, ‘soft’, which describes its consistency, when compared to that of cooked meats.