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Medieval History

Here are general articles about the 14C, or so, that hopefully will be informative and of interest.

Summary of the 1363 english sumptuary law

Summary of the 1363 English sumptuary law social class Limitations Knights worth 500 marks can wear at their pleasure to 1000 pounds per year Wives Daughters and Children no ermine or letuse (weasel) no apparel of stone except for their heads Knight worth 200 pounds no cloth over 6 marks the whole cloth (£4.2s) no cloth of gold no fur of miniver or ermins no apparel embroidered with stone Wives Daughters and Children as above turning up of ermines or letuse (weasel) no apparel of stone except for their heads Esquires and all Gentlemen no cloth over 5 marks the whole cloth (£3.8s.4d) Under 200 pounds per year no cloth of gold or silver Ribband, girdle or other apparel reasonably garnished with silver Wives Daughters and Children as above may wear fur turning up of Miniver no ermines or letuse (weasel) no apparel of stone except for their heads Merchants Citizens and Burgesses no cloth over 5 marks the whole cloth (£3.8s.4d) Artificers and people of handy-craft no cloth of gold or silver of the value of 1000 pounds per year Ribband, girdle or other apparel reasonably garnished with silver Wives Daughters and Children as above may wear fur turning up of Miniver no ermines or letuse (weasel) no apparel of stone except for their heads Esquires and all Gentlemen no cloth over 4.5 marks the whole cloth (£3.1s.6d) Under 100 pounds per year no cloth of gold or silver no embroidered clothing no owche or gold no Ribband of gold or silver no stone no fur Wives Daughters and Children as above no turning up or purfle (me trim, border) no gold, silver or stone Merchants Citizens and Burgesses no cloth over 4.5 marks the whole cloth (£3.1s.6d) Artificers and people of handy-craft no cloth of gold or silver of the value of 500 pounds per year no embroidered clothing no owche or gold no Ribband of gold or silver no stone no fur Wives Daughters and Children as above no turning up or purfle (me trim, border) no gold, silver or stone People of handicraft and Yeoman no cloth over 4 marks the whole cloth (£2) no stone no cloth of gold or silver no girdle, knife (harnessed) button, ring, garter owche Ribband, chains, seal, blends of gold or silver no embroidery, aimeled or silk Wives Daughters and Children as above no silk veils, only veils of yarn made within Great Britain Grooms and Servants of Lords No cloth over 2 marks the whole cloth (£1,4s,8d) no gold or silver embroidered or aimeled no silk Wives Daughters and Children as above no veils over 12d a veil Carters, Ploughmen, Drivers of the plough, no cloth, except for blanket and russet of twelve pence Oxheards, Cowhers, Shepherds, Deyars, shall wear girdles of linen according to their estate. swineherds, dairymen, and all keepers of Beasts Threshers of corn, and all manner of people of the estate and all other people that have not 40s if reported that you where wearing goods that you where not entitled to you would be fined and the garment given to the person reporting it, then you would report them and get it back and so on. did not last more than 3 years as it was so hard to enforce.

14th Century Character - The Clergy

14th Century Characters - The Nobles


Kings Court

Edward III Plantagenet King of England, Duke of Aquitaine, Earl of Chester, Count of Ponthieu and Montreuil Lord of Ireland and King of France 1312-1377
Phillipa of Hainault Avesnes Countess of Holland & Hainault 1311-1369
Isabella Plantagenet Countess of Bedford 1332-1379

Joan Plantagenet


Margaret Plantaganet

Countess Of Pembroke 1346-1361

Mary Plantagenet

Duchess of Brittany 1344-1362

Knights of the Garter

Edward of Woodstock

of Woodstock, Earl of Chester, Duke of Cornwall, Prince of Aquitaine, Prince of Wales, Knight Garter 1348 1330-1376

Henry Plantagenet

of Grosmont Earl of Derby, Earl of Lancaster, Earl of Leicester, Earl of Lincoln, Duke of Lancaster, Knight Garter 1348 1300-1361

Thomas Beauchamp

3rd Earl of Warwick, Knight Garter 1348 1314-1369

Jean de Grailly

Captal de Buche, Count of Bigorre, Knight Garter 1348 1331-1376

Ralph Stafford

2nd Baron Stafford, 1st Earl of Stafford, Knight Garter 1348 1301-1372

William Montacute

2nd Earl of Salisbury, Lord of the Isles of Man and Wight, Knight Garter 1348 1328-1397

Roger Mortimer

Baron Mortimer of Wigmore, 2nd Earl of March, Knight Garter 1348 1328-1360

John de Lisle

1st Baron Lisle, Knight Garter 1348 1319-1356

Bartholomew Burghersh

1st Baron Burghersh, Knight Garter 1348 1309-1369

John de Beauchamp

1st Baron Beauchamp, Knight Garter 1348 1316-1360

John de Mohun

2nd Baron Mohun, Lord Mohun of Dunster, Knight Garter 1348 1320-1375

Hugh Courtenay

Knight Garter 1348 1327-1349

Thomas Holland

1st Earl of Kent, Knight Garter 1348 1314-1360

John de Grey

2nd Baron Grey de Rotherfield, Knight Garter 1348 1300-1359

Richard Fitz-Simon

Knight Garter 1348 1295-1349

Miles Stapleton

Knight Garter 1348 1319-1364

Thomas Wale

Knight Garter 1348 1303-1352

Hugh Wrottesley

Knight Garter 1348 1318-1381

Nele Loring

Knight Garter 1348 1320-1386

John Chandos

Viscount of Saint-Sauveur, Knight Garter 1348 -1370

James Audley

Knight Garter 1348 1316-1369

Otho Holand

Knight Garter 1348 1316-1359

Henry Eam

Knight Garter 1348 -1360

Sanchet D'Abrichecourt

Knight Garter 1348 1330 - 1349

Walter Pavely

Knight Garter 1348 -1375

William Fitzwarin

Knight Garter 1348 1310-1361

Robert Ufford

1st Earl of Suffolk, Lord Ufford, Knight Garter 1348 1298-1369

William De Bohun

1st Earl of Northampton, 5th Earl of Essex, Knight Garter 1349 1312-1360

Reginald De Cobham

1st Baron Cobham of Sterborough, Knight Garter 1352 1295-1361

Richard de la Vache

Lord of Bolsover, Knight Garter 1356 1295-1366

Thomas Ughtred

Baron Ughtred, Knight Garter 1358 1292-1365

Walter Manny

1st Baron Mauny, Lord of Wexford, Knight Garter 1359 1310-1372

Frank van Halen

Knight Garter 1359 -1375

Thomas Ufford

Knight Garter 1360 -1368
Lionel Plantagenet of Antwerp, Earl of Ulster, Duke of Clarence, Knight Garter 1360 1338-1368
John Plantagenet of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, Earl of Richmond, Earl of Derby, King of Castille and Leon, Knight Garter 1360 1340-1399

Edmund Plantagenet

of Langley, 1st Duke of York, 5th Earl of Cambridge, Knight Garter 1360 1341-1402
Edward Despencer 4th Baron le Despencer, Knight Garter 1361 1335-1375

John Sully

Knight Garter 1361 1281-1387

William Latimer

4th Baron Latimer, Knight Garter 1361 1329-1381

Humphrey de Bohun

7th Earl of Hereford, 6th Earl of Essex, 2nd Earl of Northampton, Knight Garter 1365 1342-1373

Enguerrand VII de Couci

7th Earl of Bedford, Count of Soissons, seigneur of Coucy, Oisy and Montmirial, Knight Garter 1365 1339-1397

Henry Percy

1st Earl of Northumberland, Knight Garter 1366 1341-1408

Ralph Basset

4th Baron of Drayton, Knight Garter 1368 1335-1390

Richard Pembridge

Knight Garter 1368 1338-1375

John Neville

3rd Baron Neville of Raby, Knight Garter 1369 1327-1388

Robert de Namur

Lord of Beaufort, Renaix, Ballâtre and Chièvre, Knight Garter 1369 1323-1391

John Hastings

2nd Earl of Pembroke, 4th lord Hastings, Knight Garter 1369 1347-1375

Thomas Grandison

4th Baron Grandison, Knight Garter 1369 1339-1375

Guy Bryan

1st Baron Bryan, Knight Garter 1370 1320-1390

Guichard d'Angle

Earl of Huntingdon, lord of Pleumartin, lord of Angle, lord of Château.Larcher, lord of Rochefort on Charente, Knight Garter 1372 -1380

Allan Boxhulle

Knight Garter 1372 1323-1381

Thomas Beauchamp

4th Earl of Warwick, Knight Garter 1373 1338-1401

John V de Montfort

Earl of Richmond, Count of Montfort, Duke of Brittany, Knight Garter 1375 1339-1399

Thomas Banastre

Knight Garter 1375 1334-1379

William Ufford

2nd Earl of Suffolk, Knight Garter 1375 1300-1382

Hugh de Stafford

2nd Earl of Stafford, 3rd Baron of Stafford, Knight Garter 1375 1342-1386

Thomas Holland

2nd Earl of Kent, Lord of Wake, Lord of Woodstock, Knight Garter 1376 1350-1397

Thomas de Percy

1st Earl of Worcester, Knight Garter 1376 1343-1403

William Beauchamp

1st Baron Bergavenny 1344-1411

Thomas Plantagenet

of Woodstock, 1st Duke of Gloucester, Earl of Buckingham, Earl of Essex, Duke of Aumale, Knight Garter 1380 1355-1397


The medieval Combat society is undertaking research into many historical characters, some of these are listed below. If you can contribute in any way then please do contact us.

Adam de Everingham

Adam de Welle

Allan Boxhulle

Augier de Montaut

Bermond Arnaud de Preissac

Bernard de la Salle

Bertucat d'Albrecht

Blanche Plantagenet

Brian Stapleton

Denis de St Omer

Edmund De Thorpe

Edmund Noone

Edmund Ufford

Edward Clifford

Edward de Berkley

Edward de Montacute

Edward Despencer

Eleanor Plantagenet

Elizabeth de Baddlesmere

Eustace d'Auberchicourt

Frank Van Halen

Gaillard de Durfort

Geoffrey Chaucer

Geoffrey de Say

Geoffri de Harcourt

Gerard de Lisle

Gilbert de Umfreville

Guichard d'Angle

Guillam Sans

Henry Bolingbroke

Henry Eam

Henry Fitzhugh

Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland

Henry Percy (Hotspur)

Henry Percy

Henry Scrope

Hugh Calveley

Hugh de Swynford

Hugh Hastings

Hugh Wrottesley

Humphrey Littlebury

Isabel Fitzpayne

Jean de Ghistelles

Joan, Fair Maid of Kent

John Barley

John Bassingbourne

John Bourchier, 2nd Lord Bourchier Knight Garter 1392

John Cherleton I

John Cherleton II

John Cherleton III

John Cresswell

John Danyers

John de Beauchamp II

John de Beauchamp

John de Bohun

John de Bottetourt

John de Burghersh

John de Cobham

John de Erlegh

John de Felton

John de Giffard

John de Grandisson

John de Huntingfield

John de Kirketon

John de Leyburne

Jean de Montfort 6th Earl of Richmond

John de Neville

John De Ros

John de Saint John

John de Siant Philibert

John de Seagrave

John de Southerey

John de Strivelin

John de Sutton le Fitz

John de Vere

John de Welle

John Des

John Devereux

John Engaine

John Fitzalan

John Ghistelles

John Hastings

John Hawkwood

John Holland

John Jewel

John Lestrange

John Malcom

John Maltravers

John Minsterworth

John Mowbray

John Pelham

John Tybotot

John Warren

John Willoughby

John Wingfield

John Wycliffe

Le Bascot de Mauleon

Lewis Clifford

Lucas de Poynings

Margaret de Monthermer

Mary Plantagenet, Baroness Percy

Mathew Gurnay

Maud Plantagenet

Maurice Berkley

Michael de la Pole

Michael poynings

Nicholas Dagworth

Nocholas de St Maur

Nicholas Samesfield

Oliver Ingham

Olivier de Clisson

Otho de Grandisson

Peter Courtenay

Peter de Brampton

Philip de la Vache

Piers Mauley

Ralf Ferrers

Ralph Daubney

Ralph de Greystoke

Ralph Hastings

Ralph Neville

Ralph Shelton

Raoul Helm

Raymond de Sort

Reynold de Grey

Richard Bamborough

Richard d Amory

Richard de Beaumont

Richard de la Vache

Richard Fitzalan

Richard Fitzsimon

Richard Plantagenet

Ricahrd Stury

Richard Taunton

Richard Woodland

Robert Bourchier, 1st Lord Bourchier

Robert de Colville

Robert de Holland

Robert de Namur

Robert de Salle

Robert de Scales

Robert de Vere 9th Earl of Oxfordshire

Robert de Vere

Robert Fitzpayn

Robert Harrington

Robert Knolles

Robert Marny

Robert of Artois

Robert Tibtot

Robert Willoughby

Roger Clifford

Roger Cotesford

Roger de Beauchamp

Roger de Chandos

Roger de Kerdeston

Roger de la Warre

Roger de Northwode

Roger Huse

Simon de Burley

Simon de Felbrigg

Stephen de Cosinton

Stephen Hales

Thomas Berkley

Thomas Bradstone

Thomas Camoys

Thomas Cheyne

Thomas Clifford

Thomas Dagworth

Thomas Daniell

Thomas Danyers

Thomas de Astley

Thomas de Cobham

Thomas de Vere

Thomas Felton

Thomas Ferrers

Thomas Grandison

Thomas Gray

Thomas le Despener

Thomas Mowbray

Thomas Musgrave

Thomas Trivet

Thomas Ufford

Thomas Ughtred

Thomas Wale

Walter Bentley

Walter Hewet

Walter Paveley

Warin de Lisle

William de Aldeburgh

William de Alton

William de Audley

William de Bohun

William de Clinton

William de Greystoke

William de Kerdeston II

William de Kerdeston

William de Stafford

Willaim de Tendring

William de Windsor

William del la more

William Elmham

Willaim Fenton

William Ferrers

William fitzwarin

William Hatfield

William Lovel

William Monatcute 1st earl of Salisbury

William Montacute

William Shank

William Trussell

William VI


Lord Chancellors

1318-1320, 1327 John Hotham

1328 Henry Burghesh, bishop of London

1330-1334, 1335-1337, 1340 John Stratford, bishop of Winchester, archbishop of Canterbury

1334 Richard Bury, bishop of Durham

1337, 1340 Robert Stratford, bishop of Chichester

1338 Richard Bintworth, bishop of London

1340 Robert Bourchier,

1341 Robert Parving

1343 Robert Sadington

1345 John Offord, dean of Lincoln

1349 John Thoresby, bishop of St David’s

1356 William Edington, bishop of Winchester

1363 Simon Langham, bishop of Ely

1367-1371, 1389-1391William Wykeham, bishop of Winchester

1371 Robert Thorpe

1372 John Knyvet

1377 Adam Houghton, bishop of St David's

1378-1380, 1381 Richard Scrope, lord Scrope of Bolton


Lords Chief Justice, King's Bench

1296 - March 1316 Roger le Brabazon

March 1316 - June 15, 1317 William Inge (judge)

June 15, 1317 - September 1323 Henry le Scrope

September 1323 - March 21, 1324 Hervey de Staunton

March 21, 1324 - May 1, 1329 Geoffrey le Scrope

May 1, 1329 - October 28, 1329 Robert de Malberthorp

October 28, 1329 - December 19, 1330 Henry le Scrope

December 19, 1330 - March 28, 1332 Geoffrey le Scrope

March 28, 1332 - September 20, 1332 Richard de Willoughby

September 20, 1332 - September 10, 1333Geoffrey le Scrope

September 10, 1333 - 1337 Richard de Willoughby

1337 - October 1338 Geoffrey le Scrope

October 1338 - July 21, 1340 Richard de Willoughby

July 21, 1340 - January 8, 1341 Sir Robert Parning

January 8, 1341 - November 26, 1346 Sir William Scott

November 26, 1346 - October 26, 1350 Sir William de Thorpe

October 26, 1350 - May 24, 1361 Sir William de Shareshull

May 24, 1361 - October 29, 1365 Sir Henry Green

October 29, 1365 - July 15, 1372 Sir John Knyvet

July 15, 1372 - June 14, 1381 John de Cavendish (murdered in the Peasants' Revolt)

June 22, 1381 - January 31, 1388 Sir Robert Tresylian

January 31, 1388 - November 15, 1400 Sir Walter de Cloptone


Chief Justices of the Common Pleas

1290-1301 John of Mettingham

1301-1309 Ralph Hengham

1309-1326 Sir William Bereford

1326 Hervey Stanton

1327-1329 Sir William Herle

1329-1331 Sir John Stonor

1331-1333 Sir William Herle

1333 Sir Henry Scrope

1333-1335 Sir William Herle

1335-1341 Sir John Stonor

1341-1342 Sir Roger Hillary

1342-1354 Sir John Stonor

1354-1356 Sir Roger Hillary

1356-1371 Sir Robert Thorpe

1371-1374 Sir William Fyncheden

1374-1388 Sir Robert Bealknap

1388-1395 Sir Robert Charleton

1396-1413 William Thirning



Lord Mayors Of London

1326-1327 Richard Britaine/ Richard De Betoyne

1327-8 Hamond De Chigwell fourth term

1328-9 John De Grantham

1329-30 Simon Swanland

1330-2 John De Pulteney

1332-3 John De Prestone

1333-4 John De Pulteney second term

1334-6 Reginald De Conduit

1336-7 John De Pulteney third term

1337-1339 Henry Darci

1339-1341 Andrew Aubrey

1341-2 John De Oxenford

1342-3 Simon Frauncis

1343-5 John Hamond

1345-6 Richard Le Lacer

1346-7 Geoffrey De Wichingham

1347-8 Thomas Leggy

1348-9 John :ovekyn

1349-50 Walter Turke

1350-1 Richard De Kislingbury

1351-2 Andrew Aubrey second term

1352-54 Adam Fraunceys

1354-5 Thomas Leggy second term

1355-6 Simon Frauncis second term

1356-7 Henry Picard

1357-8 John De Stodeye

1358-9 John Lovekyn second term

1359-60 Simon Dolseley

1360-1 John Wroth

1361-2 John Pecche

1362-3 Stephen Cavendisshe

1363 John Nott

1364-6 Adam De Bury

1366-7 John Lovekyn third term

1367-8 James Andreu

1368-9 Simon De Mordone

1369-70 John De Chichester

1370-2 John Bernes

1372-3 John Pyel

1373-4 Adam De Bury second term

1374-5 William Watworth

1375-6 John Warde

1376-7 Adam Stable

1377-8 Nicholas Brembre

1378-9 John Philipot

Lord Mayors Of York

1299 John Sampson, Knight
1300 John Sampson, Knight
1301 John le Specer Jnr. 
1302 John le Specer 
1303 John le Specer 
1304 John le Specer 
1305 Andrew de Bolingbrok 
1306 Nich. De Langon Snr. 
1307 John de Askham 
1308 John de Askham 
1309 Robert le Meke 
1310 Andrew de Bolingbrok 
1311 Nicholas le Flemyng (son of James)
1312 Nicholas le Flemyng 
1313 Nicholas le Flemyng 
1314 Nicholas le Flemyng 
1315 Nicholas le Flemyng 
1316 Nicholas le Flemyng 
1317 Robert le Meke 
1318 Thomas de Redness
1319 Nicholas le Flemyng 
1320 Robert le Meke 
1321 Robert le Meke 
1322 Nicholas de Langton (son of Nicholas)
1323 Nicholas de Langton 
1324 Nicholas de Langton 
1325 Nicholas de Langton 
1326 Nicholas de Langton 
1327 Nicholas de Langton 
1328 Nicholas de Langton 
1329 Nicholas de Langton 
1330 Nicholas de Langton 
1331 Nicholas de Langton
1332 Nicholas de Langton 
1333 Nicholas de Langton 
1334 Henry de Belton 
1335 Henry de Belton 
1336 Henry de Belton 
1337 Henry de Belton 
1338 Nicholas de Langton 
1339 Nicholas de Langton 
1340 Nicholas de Langton 
1341 Nicholas de Langton 
1342 Nicholas Fouks
1343 John de Shirburn 
1344 John de Shirburn 
1345 John de Shirburn 
1246 Henry le Goldbeter
1347 Henry de Scoreby 
1348 Henry de Scoreby
1349 Henry de Scoreby 
1350 Henry de Scoreby 
1351 Henry de Scoreby 
1352 John de Langton
1353 John de Langton 
1354 John de Langton 
1355 John de Langton 
1356 John de Langton 
1357 John de Langton 
1358 John de Langton 
1359 John de Langton 
1360 John de Langton 
1361 John de Langton 
1362 John de Langton 
1363 John de Langton 
1364 John de Acastre 
1365 Richard de Wateby
1366 Roger de Hovingham
1367 William Graa
1368 Robert de Howme
1369 William Sauvage
1370 Roger de Selby 
1371 John de Gisburn 
1372 John de Gisburn 
1373 Roger de Moreton Jnr.
1374 Thomas de Howme
1375 Thomas Gra
1376 Ralphe de Hornby
1377 John de Sancton
1378 John de Barden
1379 John de Acastre 
1380 John de Gisburn
1381 Simon de Quixley 
1382 Simon de Quixley 
1383 Simon de Quixley 
1384 Robert Sauvage
1385 William de Selby 
1386 John de Howden
1387 John de Selby 
1388 William de Selby 
1389 Thomas Smyth 
1390 Thomas Smyth 
1391 Robert Sauvage 
1392 Robert Sauvage 
1393 John de Brathwayte
1395 William de Helmsley
1395 Thomas de Staynley
1396 William Frost 
1397 William Frost 
1398 Thomas Graa
1399 Robert de Talkan
1400 William Frost