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The Ladies

The Ladies

The Knights and Nobles may consider themselves to be God's gift to everyone but behind every strong man was an equally strong woman. The Ladies who were married, or near to marriage, were powerful people in their own right. Most had to have the ability to run a large house, or even a castle, and this was similar to running a meduim sized compay today. Required to produce as many male heirs as possible, told to re-marry if their spouses died for whatever reason, capable of being in charge on their own and able to hold down the responsibility of the position. Ladies have been mis-represented in history.


Margaret de Audley, Countess Stafford

Margaret de Audley, Countess Stafford and Baroness Audley (c. 1318 – 7 September 1349) was an English noblewoman. She was the only daughter of Hugh de Audley, Earl of Gloucester, by his wife Lady Margaret de Clare. Her mother was the daughter of Joan of Acre, Princess of England; thus making Margaret a great-granddaughter of King Edward I by his first consort, Eleanor of Castile. As the only daughter and heiress of her father, she succeeded to the title of Baroness Audley on 10 November 1347.