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Children and Families

Children and Families

Children and families were the lifeblood of all levels of medieval society. Not only the heirs of the nobles, those high born children sent to squire for other, greater households to increase a families status, or being married off to obtain land and title, but also the sons and daughters of the tradesmen and villiens living in the towns and villages and living a much simpler but still very necessary existance. In the society our children have characters of thier own and take an active part in all aspects of what happens at any display.

John de Welles

John de Welles (23 August 1334 - 11 October 1361) was an english nobleman. He was the son of Adam de Welles, Lord Welles and Margaret de Welles.

Beatrice Fitzgerald, Countess Desmond

Beatrice Fitzgerald, Countess Desmond (circa 1341 - 1415) was an English noblewoman, she was born Beatrice de Stafford, the daughter of Ralph de Stafford, Earl of Stafford and Margaret Audley, Countess Stafford, Baroness Audley.