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Archers & Squires

Archers & Squires

The Knights were the ultimate warriors of the 14th Century but thier numbers were relatively few. When it came to the actual hard work of winning wars it was down to the foot soldiers, archers, men at arms and squires (young men still on the road to knighthood) to do the work. The knights may have lived by the sword but they were more than likely to have died by the arrow.

Captain William Tunney Esquire

William Tunney is a ficticious character. A squire in the service of Sir John Norbury, who has risen through the ranks and is both ready for and seeking knighthood.

Alan 'The Poor'

Alan "The Poor" is a ficticious character. A squire supposedly in the service of John of Winchester. John of Winchester is however a fantasy, a persona used at tournament by Edward of Woodstock, Prince of Wales.