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Making Your Own Heraldry (Have a go Heraldry!)

Heraldry was used as identifying a friend or foe during a battle at a tournament, it needs to be clear and visible from a distance and no two coats of arms should look the same to avoid confusion. The heraldry would have been used on their shields, tabards and on their standards (flags). There are certain rules that must be used and they are given below.

1). To get a blank shield template to print out click here

2). The Colours that you can use are:

Colour Heraldic Name Colour Sample
Gold or Yellow Or (metal)  
Silver or White Argent (metal)  
Black Sable (tincture)  
Blue Azure (tincture)  
Green Vert (tincture)  
Red Gules (tincture)  

A metal (Gold or Silver) cannot be put on a metal or a colour cannot be put on a colour. For example this is the shield of King Edward III, and the gold (metal) lions are on a red (colour), the gold Fluer-de-Lis (metal) are on blue (colour). The red and blue are next to each other and not on top of each other which is ok.

Edward III heraldry

3). Choose a shield of one colour or if you want to divide it up using multiple colours. Since the colours are side by side and not on top of each other you can use colours and metals.

No Division Per Pale Fess Bend dexter Bend sinister
no division per pale Fess Bend Dexter Bend Sinister
Chevron Saltire Gyronny Quarterly  
chevron Saltire Gyronny Quarterley  

4). Choose a design for your shield. You can have either a). a design called an ordinaire or b). a distinctive symbol on the shield such as the Lion or the Fleur-de-Lis on King Edward III's shield. Some examples are shown below. Click on the shield so that you can print it and then colour it in.

Since these are placed on the shield, the colour rules apply and you cannot put a colour on colour or metal on metal.

a). Ordinaires

Bend Bend Sinister Chief Fess Pale
Heraldry Ordinaire Bend Heraldry Ordinaire  Sinister Heraldry Ordinaire Chief Heraldry Ordinaire Fess Heraldry Ordinaire Pale
Cross Saltire Pall Chevron Pile
Heraldry Ordinaire Cross Heraldry Ordinaire Saltire Heraldry Ordinaire Pall Heraldry Ordinaire Chevron Heraldry Ordinaire Pile

b). Symbols and Beasts

Anchor Arrow Axes Bear Pasant Castle
Anchor Arrow Axes Bear Pasant Castle
Fleece Gauntlet Griffin's Head Heron Horn
Fleecs Gauntlet riffins Head Heron Horn
Horse Rampant

Lion Rampant


Mullet, 6 Point Owl Scimitar
orse Rampant Lion Rampant Regardent Mullet 6 point Owl Scimitar
Stag At Gaze Sun Swan Tiger Rampant Wolf Stantant
Stag at Gaze Sun Swan Tiger Rampant Wolf Stantant