Medieval Combat Society



The Medieval Combat Society also offers displays based around the most potent ranged weapon of the 14th century - the English Longbow - used to such devastating effect during the one hundred years war between England and France at battles such as Crecy and Agincourt.

Members of the society take on the role of “Stafford's Company” a group of mercenary archers who have set up a display of their skills in order to attract both prospective employers and new recruits to their ranks.

During the course of the display, the skill of using the bow and marksmanship are demonstrated including, shooting to command, volley shot, rolling volley shot, rank shot and a display of the frightening speed of the longbow as the company show the potential to shoot more than twelve arrows a minute on target.

The society is also able to provide full facilities for "have a go archery" should an event require it using a fully roped off arena and a range of training bows that can be used by all ages from five years old and upwards. Members of the society co-ordinate and manage the "have a go" sessions so that anyone who wished to try archery can shoot a few arrows to target.