Medieval Combat Society

About Us


The Medieval Combat Society (MCS) was originally formed in 1970 and is a medieval reenactment group. The object of the Society is to have fun whilst entertaining the Public and generate an interest in British history.

The society is a founder member of the Early Medieval Alliance (EMA), and has over 60 members from all over the UK and from all walks of life. We are a fun, friendly and family orientated group of medieval reenactors with some families of up to three generations taking part and there are roles for members of all ages within the group.

King Edward III (1327-1377) and his son Edward of Woodstock, more popularly known as The Black Prince, held many Chivalric foot tournaments of Nobility and Knights, which the society recreates complete with all its pomp and pageantry. This was a time when England lay claim to the throne of France, with victories at Crecy, Poitiers and the Naval battle of Sluys, the time of Chaucer, the founding of the Order of the Garter with its St Georges Day tournaments but also the start of The Hundred Years War and the Black Death which killied up to half of England's population at the time.

The society are proud of an exemplary safety record with fast moving, safe and enjoyable re-enactments of medieval tournaments. Squires generally train for one or two years before becoming Knights. The Knights take part in free form, non-choreographed full contact combat displays, clad in armour and using a variety of weaponry authentic to the period. The Society are happy to encourage both male and female members to train to fight, and are encouraged to expand their medieval personalities and skills in many ways, including; archery, authenticity, costume, dance, music and fighting. There are many characters that can be played by the members and some have more than one character such as Royalty, Nobility, Wenching, Clergy and many more.

During the winter months we spend every other Sunday training where members get together and practice. Part of the fun in re-enacting is where you can come away from your modern day lives, don your medieval personality and have a jolly good laugh.

The Society have performed reenactments at many major venues throughout the UK, Castles, Churches and Cathedrals, Manor Houses, Museums, St Georges Day celebrations and on film. You may have seen us being filmed in such things as Red Dwarf, Netherwhere, The Hollow Crown as well as at Schools, Educational displays, Corporate events, Carnivals, Charity events, Festivals, Weddings, Birthday parties and multi group events. Our displays vary from small street shows, where space is limited to a full size arena with a backdrop and foot tournament. Outside of the tournament we enjoy medieval dancing, music, archery and banquets and of course Mead.